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by Richard Pitt - Education Officer While recently in Ghana, we started a new Ghanaian charity to support the work of the UK based charity, Homeopathy in Africa. The new charity is called Homeopathy Education and Practitioners Association (HEPA) and we are now in the process of setting up our professional, student and general membership of this new organisation. We are also planning to offer an advanced training in Pathology and Disease, a booster catch-up programme for some students who didn’t complete the full training before, as well as ongoing CPD programmes. We are also planning to look at developing a one year post-graduate training programme for medically trained personnel, so that homeopathy can be made available within the Ghanaian healthcare system. We are hoping to use this same educational model in other African countries as well. Therefore, the community of homeopaths in Ghana is growing and there is a need for our charity in the UK and now in Ghana to help evolve the professional development of Ghanaian homeopathy even further. Fifteen years of work has definitely paid its dividends and now we are in a new phase of the project. My role is now changing since I have resigned as General Coordinator to take on a new role as Education Officer for the project. Caroline Jurdon has now taken over the coordinator position and will continue the work, alongside the HIA Board of Trustees. We will be looking for a few experienced volunteers to join us next year, who will be willing to travel to Ghana for up to two months and work in our various clinical areas. This is an opportunity for people who have at least five years of experience and who want to travel to an African country and see how homeopathy is being practiced there and to be able to help in a variety of interesting clinical settings. There is something very stimulating and interesting in being able to work in an African context, especially turning up in a village somewhere and working under the mango tree. Homeopathy comes alive in these times in such a direct way and it can be a great experience. It is also good to be able to share one’s experience with local homeopaths, some of whom have a lot of experience while others are learning the ropes in clinical practice. If you are interested in participating in our work and would like to be a volunteer for the project, do contact us and we can see how we can work together and further help the evolution of homeopathy in Ghana. Finally, it was also time to give thanks and to honour the memory of one of our long-term trustees, Angie Metzger who had given many years of selfless work for the project but who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Many of our Ghanaian friends knew her well so it was fitting for us to be able to honour her memory during our visit there.

Richard with graduate Sabah and Ghana Liaison Officer, Gasika

Richard in Clinic 

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