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We are a charity based in the UK and we rely on donations from individuals to sustain us. We work on a small budget with only one person receiving any salary. We have been able to maintain our work over the years through the generous support of only a few people but this burden should not fall only on one or two individuals.  It is important for the project to be able to raise funds in a sustainable way, in order to ensure its continuity and long-term mission. All donations made in the UK are tax deductible so please consider supporting our work.

The following specific goals need funding:

1. Education: We feel the need to charge some money for our educational programmes. However, not everyone can afford even a relatively small amount to study, so we want to offer certain bursaries to promising students in order to study. These bursaries will be offered in a formal way to deserving students. Also, our educational programmes are, at times, held in hotels in the capital Accra and elsewhere, and therefore, ongoing costs are incurred in providing both introductory and more professional programmes.

As we explore the option of developing a professional online training programme, this will incur costs in establishing the right platform, the design of the platform and other technical costs. Additionally, the time and energy of other homeopaths may well be required. This long-term plan will be a challenging one, which will need various costs to implement and maintain.

2. Pharmacy: The demands of establishing a pharmacy in each major clinic is challenging. Remedies can expire and need replacing. Maintaining these pharmacies require ongoing investment of funds, time and energy. However, it is a crucial part of establishing the profession in the country. Therefore, we will be using funds to look at how to establish our own manufacturing pharmacy in Ghana. In the meantime, we will also need funds to import more remedies and other supplies for our existing clinics.


3. Clinics: There are currently five clinics in the country that we are connected with and have been supporting. Three are in the greater Accra region, one in the South-Eastern Volta region and the other in the city of Kumasi in the Ashanti region. The one in the Volta region is the oldest clinic we have been partnered with, which has been running for 15 years and which serves many other surrounding communities through the use of mobile clinics. We have supported this clinic in the past by purchasing a vehicle for necessary transport, the development of new buildings for teaching and clinical rooms and also guest accommodation. We are now in the process of supporting a new clinic in Kumasi with three older graduates of our training programmes and this clinic will need fully supplied to prepare for its work.


4. Travel: Traveling to Ghana and once there, getting around the country requires ongoing expenses. It is not cheap to take people to Ghana and until or unless we have a full-time coordinator in Ghana, the strategy of having to visit frequently will continue. Also, there are additional travel expenses in the UK, since our Board of Trustees have to meet at least twice a year.

There are always many ongoing costs in maintaining any organization and therefore general donations to our work will be gratefully received. The information below gives you the information you need to donate to our work and if you want your donation to go to a specific area then please make that clear. Thank you.


Money as One-off gifts or Regular donations of any amount
Please pay:
PO Box 250 Skelmersdale, Lancs. WN8 6WT
Account "Homeopathy in Africa" R/C 112598
Account no. 65318708
Sort code 08-92-99

One off or Monthly donation
Add Gift Aid if possible. Thank you.








Sign up for "" for Homeopathy in Africa (our registered charity name) and give small amounts every time you shop online

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