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Beyond the Return

Grace Rhoomes 24/03/2023

‘Long time gal mi never see you’……….' Jamaican folk song sings in my ears of

childhood memories. Over a period of 6 weeks , as Practitioner Development

Officer, I travel across Greater Accra, to the Volta and Ashanti regions , to meet

graduates of a Diploma in Homeopathy, run by the Ghana Homeopathy Project ,

UK. I set off across familiar terrain, on various modes of transport, trotros,

okadas, big buses and good old shanks pony!

First stop - Greater Accra

In Greater Accra I reconnect with ‘old friends’/ practitioners, Emmanuel, Gideon

and Dr Phillips ,in their respective clinics in Ashaiman, Ningo and Kasoa, along

with new graduates, from the Greater Accra hubs. After hugs and handshakes, I

listen to their impression of their training, post graduate practice, and

aspirations for providing homeopathic treatment in their own communities.

Together we take few consultations as clients drop-in , which provides an

opportunity for case analysis and remedy selection together. Great start!

I also visit a graduate at home , as is more convenient for her. She intends to

move back to her home town in the North, to set up practice there.

Ghana has 16 regions , the potential for GHP to provide homeopathic treatment

across Ghana is a real one, the more we can train people , the further the

homeopathic reach.

Next stop the Volta Region . Long journeys , rush hour traffic on motorways,

allow for helpful moments of reflection.

Volta Region – Mafi Kumase

A deep exhalation of peace in my soul, each time I visit the Volta region. Been a

while since I was here. The embracing welcome from Emperor, ever-present, as

he directs me to ‘my chair’ in readiness for case-taking!

More introductions with Volta graduates who recount tales of study and current

needs, core needs similar to Greater Accra hub.

Cases taken, some on-site, some via home visits.

 A young man’s adverse reaction to toxicity from harvesting medicinal

plants ,on a large scale farm.

 Many cases of sudden paralysis in men and women of varying ages,

aetiologies: work related stress, extreme domestic violence, grief from

loss of children decades before.

Outreach clinics invaluable not only in reaching rural communities, but for

local people who are housebound.

Last stop (but not the end!) – Ashanti Region , Kumasi

Similar feedback from Kumasi graduates. Then a healthy discussion about the

case-taking process, therapeutic relationship, and remedy reaction. Importance

of using supervision highlighted, as graduates discuss cases they would like to


I head home, having now met all the graduates. Sketch of plans in my head, for

outreach clinics, to support graduates gentle transition back into practice!


We can return to the past with nostalgia, of warm places, familiar faces,

homelands, a balancing act with soul searching, as we decide to revisit the past .

Perhaps the spiritual pull to heal others (and ourselves) is far greater and

beyond any return!

'……..come mek mi hol’ your hand gal,..come mek mi hol your han!'

Blog artist: Ebo Bright Mensah

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