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We have benefited from the support and interest from both experienced and newly graduated homeopaths to come to Ghana and support our education and training work.

This also gives people a unique experience of life in Ghana as well as the opportunity to practice homeopathy there. It also gives Ghanaian homeopathy students and practitioners the opportunity to work directly with homeopaths from other countries and gain valuable experience. Volunteers who come have usually graduated from a 3-4 year homeopathic programme and ideally have some clinical experience.

If you are interested in being a volunteer and traveling to Ghana, please contact us, with your details and a basic CV and we will be in touch. 

As of July 2022 we are not looking for short-term volunteers to travel to Ghana. The last two years have obviously been challenging but we are reviewing how to move forward with our programmes. We have a volunteer coordinator who can share with you what the requirements and guidelines are for volunteering with the project.

We are looking for a long-term experienced homeopath to volunteer for a minimum of six months to help the coordinator based in the UK. This person would be working with the existing graduates and practitioners and involved in both educational and clinical work. 

If you are interested in this role and gaining experience of living and working in Ghana please contact us HERE

Anita-Louise-Mafi Zongo
Ghana Mike teaching


If you are an experienced homeopath and teacher and you would like to join our tutor team in supporting new graduates in Ghana as they move into practice, then we are interested in you. We have relied upon the generosity and work of dedicated homeopaths based outside Ghana to be tutors and mentors for homeopaths within Ghana. We want to continue being able to offer this support in the coming years. Therefore, do contact us if you are interested.


Friend of the Project


We are keen to link our project to other projects and individuals who share our vision of expanding homeopathy in Ghana and other parts of Africa. Some members of the Board of Trustees and the coordinator have experience in various African countries and are looking to link together individuals and groups that want to work together and share our vision for homeopathy in Ghana, in other African countries and beyond. By joining our Friends of the Project, either as an individual, group or representing another project, we can ideally bring greater solidarity and support for all our work. By being a friend, we will keep you up to date with all our activities. So do please be in touch with us if you would like to become a friend of the project.

Julian -Jacqueline-MafiSeva

Jacqueline with Julian Jonas in 2015-Volunteer and Friend of the Project 

Advisor to the Project

In our ongoing mission, we are always happy to accept the advice and and support from other people, including homeopaths and other professionals and also from people experienced in working in various charities and projects. Therefore we are forming an informal advisory group, so if we feel the need to ask for more expert advice we have people on hand. If you are interested in being an advisor, please be in touch with us. 

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