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HIA Treasurer-Soroush
HIA Co-Chair -Linda
HIA Co-chair - Bonsu
HIA Secretary/Webmistress - Jacq
HIA Liaison Trustee-Sian
GHP Gen Coord -Richard

We are a group of people committed to seeing homeopathy flourish in Ghana and the rest of Africa.  Most of us are UK based homeopaths or friends of homeopaths who share our vision.


We are a charity run organisation, based in the UK. In Ghana we work under the name of the Ghana Homeopathy Project.(GHP).
We have a coordinator who visits Ghana regularly to teach and support and mentor clinics, administrating the work from the UK and working with other volunteer homeopaths who offer their services. We work directly with many Ghanaian homeopaths who are in practice with their own clinics or have graduated from the many training programmes we have offered over the years.


We have a board of trustees who are mostly homeopaths. They have a deep interest in homeopathy and in Africa. Trustees meet regularly to deal with all the various aspects of the charity and the activities of the Ghana Homeopathy Project.


Members of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

Soroush Ebrahimi - HIA Treasurer

Linda Shannon -HIA Founder and Co-Chair

Bonsu Boaten - HIA Co-Chair

Jacqueline Smith - HIA Secretary/Admin

Sian Alcock - HIA Trustee

Project Coordinator:

Richard Pitt



Soroush Ebrahimi-HIA Treasurer

I studied engineering and management disciplines at university and had a career as project leader, then in product development and marketing and since 1984 my own exporting companies.

Following a short course of evening classes on ‘First Aid’ Homeopathy and being cured of a chronic issue, I started to study homeopathy at the London School of Classical Homeopathy and then at London College of Homeopathy and especially benefited from the tutelage of Sheilagh Creasy.  I graduated in 1999.

I retired from homeopathy a few years ago (but still see a handful of cases a year and help colleagues with their case analysis) but have retained a keen interest in all matters relating to homeopathy and have stayed connected to the developments in the profession. Since 2012-3

I have been a trustee and honorary Treasurer of Homeopathy In Africa (Ghana Homeopathy Project).

Linda Shannon (Founder) - HIA Co-Chair

 I first discovered homeopathy at the age of 25, having completed my BSc in Human Science and MSc in Human Communication Studies. While living in Berlin 40 years ago I became ill with Glandular Fever for 9 months. I decided to see a homeopath and fully recovered able to resume a normal life after just the second remedy! I became fascinated with this system of medicine and travelled to India to study further and in the past have organised many homeopathic study trips to India, learning from some of the world’s greatest homeopaths. I have now been in full time practice for 35 years. When I travelled to Ghana, due to the interest, I responded by forming the Ghana Homeopathy Project and am presently joint Chair of Trustees. I am also founder of the Sunrise Children’s Clinic in London. I have been Course Leader for the London College of Classical Homeopathy, and teach now at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy UK. I received an outstanding achievement award from the Society of Homeopaths UK.


Bonsu Boaten - HIA Co-Chair

Bonsu Boaten was born in Kumasi, Ghana in 1973. He spent the majority of his formative years living in Europe. He is a teacher by profession. He became interested in homeopathy in 1995 after being successfully cured of an illness by it. He is also interested in ancient and traditional African spiritual sciences.

His aims as a trustee are to help GHP to get a better understanding of Ghanaians and their culture from an in-house perspective and to offer a balanced perspective with regards to helping people help themselves

Jacqueline A. Smith - HIA Secretary/Admin

I graduated from The Scottish College of Homeopathy in Glasgow with Distinction, in 1997, lecturing there and then at Langside College for eight years teaching, from children to the elderly, mainstream and mild to profoundly disabled people and those with Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, in Relaxation, Reminiscence, Gardening, Integrative Art, Meditation and Stress Management etc. after gaining a Post-grad Teaching Qualification in Further Education(TQFE) from Dundee University. I have also been in private homeopathic practice for 25 years and was Coordinator for the Ghana Homeopathy Project from 2014-17. I'm a former Chair of the Scottish Writers Centre and have a masters degree in Creative Writing from Glasgow University and have published three novels including 'Slaves of Men & Gods' set in Ghana; also non-fiction books including Essential Expressions of the Vital Force Inspiration from the Commonwealth of Writers and two poetry collections. 

Sian Alcock-HIA Trustee

As a new trustee, I am delighted to be part of this vibrant team, bringing my experience of
over 30 years of working with Not for Profit organisations to the table.

My work and skill set has included education (from young to old), well-being and organisational management in diverse lands and cultures including Jamaica, Ghana, India, USA and various European countries. As a Professional Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Trainer and more, I aim to complement the gifts we all bring and further enhance this beautiful work of GHP/HIA that homeopathy may be accessible and of benefit to all in Africa.


Richard Pitt - GHP Coordinator

I have been involved in homeopathy for over 40 years, originally training and working in the UK and then for 20 years in the USA where I was Director of a homeopathy school in San Francisco for 12 years. I was a founding member of the Council for Homeopathic Certification, the largest certifying body in North America, and a board member for 17 years. I was also Editor of the California Homeopath journal for 10 years, the journal of the California Homeopathic Medical Society. I have lived for eight years in four African countries, including five years in Kenya where I was Education Director of the Kenya School of Integrated Medicine and Project Director of a European Union funded Public Health Project. I am the author of four homeopathy books which can be found at thenaturalmedicineguide.com. 

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Hope Clinic Mafi Kumase

Emperor Samuel Tsamenyi 

 HOPE Homeopathy Clinic

Volta Region

Kasoa Clinic

Lionel Noble Kpogo

INSIGHT Homeopathy Clinic

Kasoa; Greater West Accra




Our main work is in education and clinical programmes. We have been working since 2005 when the project formed, to help develop homeopathy in Ghana. There are quite a few homeopaths already practicing there and a Ghana Homeopathy Association. However, there have not been any formal introductory and advanced training programmes, which are needed to bring new people to the profession. Therefore, we have been offering many types of educational programmes over the years.

We have recently completed a four-year programme for producing 21 graduates. We now want to explore offering more introductory programmes throughout the country, with information on how homeopathy can be used in simple, acute and first-aid situations. We also want to explore more online training methods and to design a post-graduate course for medical professionals.

The focus of the GHP is in the method of classical homeopathy, following the tradition of the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann and to emulate the way homeopathy has developed in other parts of the world. Although homeopathy is found in many African countries, especially South Africa, there is a need for it to be more recognized by governments and for the benefits of homeopathy to be made available to the people of Ghana and other African countries.

Our professional training programme has been accredited by the Society of Homeopaths, the largest professional accreditation body in the UK. We are also partnering with the Welsh School of Homeopathy, one of the longest running homeopathy schools in the UK, also accredited by the Society of Homeopaths


Therefore, we are working to make homeopathy an integral part of the healthcare system in Ghana and work with appropriate governmental bodies in regulating the profession. A government body already exists, The Traditional Medicine Practice Council (TMPC), which registers professional practitioners from different forms of Traditional and Alternative Medicine and we are working to support the registration of classical homeopaths with this council.


The success of our work will be seen in homeopaths being able to make a living practicing homeopathy and for the people of Ghana to have access to good quality homeopathy. Practicing homeopathy is not necessarily an easy thing to do, wherever you are in the world, and in Ghana certain unique challenges can be found, as they are in other African countries. These include the following:

  • The recognition of homeopathic medicine in the country. Many people still don’t know what it is and therefore education is important within the public domain.

  • Access to homeopathic medicines and books. Having a reliable source of homeopathic medicines is important and the project aims to be able to support the development of a homeopathic pharmacy in Ghana in the future. In the meantime, we are planning to import more remedies from the UK and India to ensure that the stocks of our medicines are up to date.

  • The financial challenges in Ghana make maintaining a private practice in Ghana somewhat challenging. Therefore, the project has supported some clinics over the years and our aim is to continue to support certain clinics to ensure their success and ability to offer homeopathic services.

  • Graduates of our programmes can need support in developing clinical practice skills and to transition into their own practice. By affiliating them to certain clinics in various parts of the country, these graduates can continue to receive support while they develop their practice.

Kumasi Clinic

Abdul Aziz Musah 

KUMASI Homeopathy Clinic

Ashante Region

Rest Clinic Tema

Emmanuel Arthur

REST Homeopathy Clinic

-Tema; Greater East Accra