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Mafi Outreach


The leadership of HIA honours and welcomes everyone involved in the GHP community and endeavours to engage with people accordingly in our clinics and training courses. 

We will attempt to foster a safe and supportive environment, encouraging and embracing equality, diversity and unity by dealing with every situation with transparency and openness in a solution-focused manner.

We will endeavour to keep an open mind in order to understand the lived experience of each person, creating a positive expression of our work with an inclusive approach, valuing the quality of everyone’s contribution. 



The Ghana Homeopathy Project under the guidance of Homeopathy in Africa, believes in the right to health for all people.

We wish to embrace all thoughts and actions that can support the development of a healthy lifestyle with the core values and intrinsic human rights of access to a home, food, medicines and basic human dignity.

We wish to support all endeavours to create entry into healthcare that is affordable, accessible and effective. In particular, we support the development of homeopathic medicine in Ghana as part of integrated healthcare options in the country.

We wish to recognize the history of indigenous forms of healthcare in Ghana and seek to integrate the knowledge of Homeopathy into the knowledge of traditional medicines.

We seek to empower all who are involved in the project, both in Ghana and abroad.

We aim to not only bring the benefits of homeopathy to the country but to develop a community of people to support each other in every way.

To implement and achieve our stated aims we need a legal framework that is transparent and accessible to all. Therefore we have created various Policy Documents to facilitate these necessary processes, which will be updated annually and we consider ourselves to be subject to a complete organisational evaluation

bi-annually. You can view our Safeguarding and Complaints/Conflict Resolution Policies here

or click on the sublink 'Legal Process Infographics' above.

You can request a copy of individual policy docs from the selection below by contacting us HERE

  1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy 

  2. Safeguarding Policy

  3. Complaints Procedure Policy

  4. Conflict Resolution Procedure Policy

  5. Health & Safety Policy

  6. Conflict of Interest Policy

  7. Data Protection Policy

  8. Website Privacy Policy

Mafi Outreach
Mafi Outreach
Mafi Outreach
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