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Ghana Homeopathy Project Homeopathy volunteers, clinics and education in Ghana since 2006

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We start with basic homeopathy
and progress to diploma level

Certificate level - We teach basic healthcare level use of homeopathy and its principles. This provides enough homeopathic knowledge to treat family and friends. It is designed to be able to help with first aid, basic acute and minor illnesses. This course is required to progress to the Diploma course.

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Diploma level - This is a 3-year practitioner course to reach diploma level, recognised by a college of homoeopathy in the UK (the College of Contemporary Homeopathy). It covers both theory and practical skills equipping graduates to set up their own homeopathy clinics and eventually teach if they so choose.

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The main clinical centres are in Kasoa (Accra), Volta, Kumasi and Tema. From these clinics, there are outreach clinics to provide valuable care to remote parts. The aim is to have low-cost clinics, run by local practitioners, in all these regions and expand from there.
This enables students to see patients, learn and practice and serve the local community
We are able, with the help of donations, to offer some financial support and create new buildings in some centres.

Outreach clinics Practitioners and students go out to areas nearby, sometimes on motorbikes, to run clinics in remote parts where people live.

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Clinical volunteers - volunteers are warmly welcomed. They can work in clinics with local practitioners, as long as they are qualified or in their final year of training (after discussion with the coordinator).

Teacher volunteers - Volunteers that are qualified and have some teaching experience, can teach on the diploma course. There is also an opportunity for less experienced homeopaths to teach on the certificate course.

Our Organisation

About us. - We are a charity run organisation, based in the UK.
{"Homeopathy in Africa" UK Reg Charity No. 1125981}
Our coordinator visits Ghana regularly, to teach and support and mentor clinics, administrating the work from the UK.
She is assisted by qualified homeopath as volunteers from the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia who visit Ghana to teach on the Accra diploma course or visit clinics to work alongside local homeopaths and students. Everyone learns from this process.
We have a board of trustees who are also homeopaths. They have a deep interest in homeopathy and in Africa. Trustees meet regularly to deal with all the various aspects of the charity.
Soroush Ebrahami, Olga Lawrence-Jones, Moira Houston, Jocelyn Jones
The project is entirely financially dependent on donations from supporters.

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How we spend your money - Every gift is used to promote the project.
We are usually able to put donations directly into the hands of local people because of regular visits to Ghana. We make sure our funds go as far as possible.
As a registered charity, we are required to show we have met quality standards for all operational spending. Each year we publish an annual report and financial statement, which provides more detailed information about where your money goes.

How we are run. -Our aim is to support local people to learn homeopathy to diploma level, then start up and run their own clinics.
The training model encourages and creates diploma graduates to become teachers, as well as practitioners, for those that choose.
International links are fostered by inviting visiting lecturers to support and teach on the training courses that will eventually entirely be run and taught by local practitioners and teachers, although I am sure international teachers will always be welcomed.

We have links to Local homeopaths via The Traditional Medical Practitioner Council (TMPC)

Where we work

We work together in Ghana in several regions.
Kasoa (Accra) has a clinic and training premises where the Diploma course is taught
Volta has a clinic and training facilities. It is where the project was launched initially
Kumasi has several graduates from the first diploma course and a local clinic.
Tema has a clinic and training facilities.
Prampram is the next site to be developed

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Graduates in all of these locations, teach the Certificate course each year and are supported by the coordinator (from UK) when she visits to teach.

We also have links to other countries in Africa in a supportive capacity, where there is interest in homeopathy.

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